October 21, 2013

7 Week Bumperoo | Pregnant with our Rainbow Sprout

hello again!

here we are for another bumpdate!

right to it, here's the 7 week pic!

i'm still learning to embrace this 'body' and just accept and be grateful. i am still incredibly self conscious about my baby belly. the ridiculous and sometimes rude comments had been getting to my head. i am learning to brush that off and say to hell with them. anyone who knows us and knows our story knows of the journey we've taken to get to this point.

basically, if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.

now moving on :)

symptom time!

the number 1 culprit this week?



i though maybe, just maybe i had escaped this wretched wench. but alas, here we are hand in hand. it pretty much just lingers throughout the whole day. as long as i stay constantly eating i'm in the clear - with just a slight lingering of the nausea. if i don't then it's nausea on the brink of throwing up. i haven't yet actually throwin up, but i have felt obnoxiously close to it. what's worse though is that food is unappealing to me. if you know me at all you know J and i LOVE food. we would travel the world and eat at different places if we could. but right now i can't stand anything! i never have a taste for anything and nothing ever sounds good. i pretty well just have to force myself to eat at least every 2 hours. and on top of that, when i do eat it's never enough to make me feel satisfied.  it's like i pretty much stay hungry.


as much as i detest being nauseated 24/7 i am also embracing it. i am thankful for it. you may not be able to tell when you talk to me on a daily basis (i'm the worse sick person EVER) but i really am. it just affirms to me that stuff is working right. little rainbow is doing work and working hard to make sure he/she meets us in real life one day. it keeps me hopeful and happy all the while keeping me grumpy. :)

i'm still tired. and exhausted. all i want to do is sleep. and ever since the nausea started the exhaustion has gotten worse. i try to rest as often as i can. and of course take it easy. but sometimes it's not possible when i work a full time job and am in nursing school. BUT, it's NOTHING i can't handle :) and every bump along the way is completely worth it.

still thirsty.

boobs still hurt.

headaches have definitely gotten better. so thankful for that for sure.

ultimately i am just overjoyed and thrilled. i hate to sound like i'm 'complaining.' i am really just ready to fully enjoy being pregnant.. it's just a wee bit hard to do when you feel like poo all the time. but i know it's temporary. and just to think i'm already 7 weeks! i'm already halfway done with the first trimester. it's amazing really.

i'm still incredibly baffled each and every day. i'm finally starting to 'feel' pregnant. the nausea has definietly encouraged that feeling :) but mostly i feel like i am finally accepting that this is truly happening. after everything we've gone through. everything we've conquered. everything we've survived. and we still get a happy chapter out of it.

it's been quite the humbling experience so far. i miss my girl each and every day. but i find comfort in knowing they already know each other.

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Brandy R. said...

Missing your weekly updates! Hope all is well :).

Brandy R. said...

Looking forward to your next update! Hope all is well! :)