July 4, 2011

happy fourth

Happy Fourth of July to all those families out there... those that hold their children in their arms and especially to those who hold their babies in their hearts.

Thinking of all of you today and wishing our little ones were here to enjoy the fireworks and bbq's with us.

So much love to all of you.

Telling you I miss you just doesn't seem sufficient enough. The english language is so limited when it comes to how I feel about you and just how much I wish you were here. I remember so vividly our first Fourth of July with you. At the time I thought there would be many more... little did I know. You loved the fireworks and weren't even scared--you somehow even managed to sleep, and took your first ride on the 4 wheeler with daddy.

Hope you're enjoying the show from up above sweet pea. Just know I think of you constantly and always. I love you to a million and one pieces. You're my little firecracker sweet girl. Happy Fourth of July baby girl.

Always and always,

********Remembering 07/04/2010**********

 Yes, she slept through the fireworks show!