December 29, 2013

Bumperoo Update Part 1 | Pregnant with our Rainbow Sprout

this may be the only time i will allow any type or form of slander...

i knew i had fallen behind on blogging but just how far behind i was not aware until i clicked onto my blog and saw my last update was at 7 weeks!!!

it's actually part of my new year's resolution :)

holy cow.

that's 10 weeks ago!!! and so as said previously this will be the one and only (hopefully) time i will say that yes you may virtually bash me. BUT be kind.. i am hormonal ;)

so many of you have asked via fb/instagram/yt if i'm going to continue to do the blog updates. and the answer is YES!!! 

in this post i'll talk about how i've been feeling and just overall what's going on. i'll do another one on the doctor's appts and sonogram (with pics of course) and then I'll have one with all the bumperoo pics :)

so as it stands today i am 17 weeks!!!

yup 2nd trimester and just 2 weeks away from being at the halfway point!

how am i feeling?? well not 100%

i will definitely say that this little bean is kickin my butt!!!

i know that it's said that each and every pregnancy is different and that couldn't more closer to the truth.

sushi (yes i get the cooked kind. and yes fish is ok. just have to know which kinds to eat and which to stay away from.)
caramel frappe from mcdonalds only

fast food (the smell blegh)

although no longer throwing up, i still deal with bouts of nausea and a cough accompanied by a very attractive gag and dry heave. yup it's hot. i mean come on who doesn't love a good gag and a heave?!

but as long as i stay eating i do pretty ok.

the indigestion and heartburn are pretty ferocious. i had a piece of cake the other day and got indigestion! it's blasphemy!

the ta-ta's no longer give me pain but they sure are giving me back pain along with the accompanying growing belly bump :) (if you don't follow me on instagram you should, i try to post weekly belly updates on there)

mostly the back pain kicks in first thing in the morning so i've started sleeping with a pillow between my legs and it seems to help tremendously. i have been struggling with sciatica since before i got preggo and it has definitely increased in severity. i go to the chiropractor (yes it has been ok'd with my doc and it's completely safe as long as you chiropractor is certified to work on preggos :) ) every other week or so and it definitely seems to help. i'm usually a wee bit sore the next day but by day 2/3 ish i'm feelin fun and fancy free--well kinda.

definitely still tired but can get good bursts of energy. so at least the housework is getting caught up on and i'm not ALWAYS sleeping... just SOMETIMES sleeping hehe

the poo factory has been terrible. 'nough said.

booogers. (yes you must say with the puckering out of your lips and the accentuation of the o. go ahead do it. you'll make yourself giggle a little hehe)

bloated of course. gassy yes. burpy always.

maybe you may be reading this thinking.. gah stop complaining already! and i know i know. while i do have my moments of whoa is me how terrible i feel. most moments i am perfectly ok with all the hub-bub that accompanies this little growing blessing. because i know it is just that a precious little blessing. and i'll take the torment and the beating for as long as needed if that ensures this little sprout continues to thrive and grow. it's not easy growing people ya know? :)

but aside from the not-so-but-kinda-cruddiness of this growing bean there's much to be happy and joyous about.

the belly bump is growing and no longer just looks flabby. at least in my mind it's the yea she's pregnant belly rather then the umm is she pregnant or just fat belly. come on. you know what i'm talking about.

the flutters are slowly turning into movements. i've been feeling the flutters for a good 1-2 weeks now with what i think was a definite intentional wallup to my uterine lining yesterday (december 28, 2013) it was weird but also very familiar. those were my most cherished and favorite moments of pregnancy with Savanna. feeling her move, seeing her move. just so incredibly neat and wonderful and mystifying. it defies my earthly human logic to know that that little person is going to be in my arms in no time at all.

i'm getting to know this little bean of ours and it's the most wonderous thing anyone can experience. the bond i already have. the love that already erupts from the very center of my heart and soul is amazing and breathtaking. i almost started to forget what it felt like. how fresh it is. but how easily it has come back. and how natural it feels. i could never wrap my brain around loving two different little people so much. but it's been told to me so many times by so many people that it just happens. it works. you don't share the same love. you offer different love but of the same magnification and fullness of grace. your heart it intensifies its feeling and grows with the magnificence of itself. and before you even can conscniously realize you love another while the loving the first all in the same breath.

that right there. next to the gift of life itself has been the most amazing symptom of pregnancy after loss that i have yet to experience.


Part 2 coming soon