February 2, 2014

Full Length Gender Reveal of our Rainbow Baby

Hope you enjoy!

February 1, 2014

It's A... | Pregnant with our Rainbow

yes i know i've promised an update. and yes i know i suck. i'm working on being better. promise!

school has just started back and i'm starting to get back into a groove and a shake.

but i know you don't want to hear all that... you want some type of an update.. so here it is..

we had our gender reveal today.. and it was AMAZING!!! beautifully and so thoughtfully done by my best LH. i couldn't have asked for anything better. so here's a a little video of not only the gender reveal but the name reveal also!

i'll be back later this week with our reactions and feelings.

we are so incredibly blessed and excited.

enjoy :)





And here's a little peek at the 21 week bumperoo

J and I were team blue... obviously we had it wrong... :)