October 14, 2013

6 Week Bumperoo | Pregnant with our Rainbow Sprout

Ahhhhhh.... I still can't believe i am posting these updates. it's been a dream. and sometimes an incredibly far-fetched dream. but it's real. i am constantly reminding myself everyday that this is really happening. i don't know if i'll ever get used to this.

it's amazing though really.

today j and i were talking at lunch. i told him i can't wait to meet him. yup... we're calling Rainbow a 'him.' we've 'known' since before we ever got pregnant we were going to have a boy next. we'll have to wait and find out but we're pretty certain. hehe...

before i get into all the deets of this past week here's the 6 week Bumperoo shot :)

I feel like i look so much more 'pregnant' then i really am in all actuality. i know alot of that is bloat and food haha. it kinda scares me.. i'm already 'showing' this much now and i'm barely halfway through the FIRST trimester!! i didn't start showing this much with Savanna until i was like 20 week!!!

let me see if i can find my 6 week pic with Savanna.

Ok so this is all i could find.. don't feel like getting my lazy pregnant ass off the recliner. :) i'm 10 weeks in this pic above and i'm still not as 'big' as i am now


so i just keep telling myself it's because you show quicker with the second. it tends to make me feel a wee bit better.

in terms of how i'm feeling.. not too bad actually.

the bloat has eased up for the most part BUT does sneak it's way in. i'm sure it's a certain something i'm eating that's causing it but i'm not paying enough attention to notice what exactly it is.

the thirst still stole the show this past week! all i CRAVED was water!!! so that's all i pretty much drank. and of course because i drank the worlds amount in water i peed the worlds amount in water.

i'm starting to wake up in the middle of the night to pee.. blegh. i like my sleep. i hate peeing. it's quite inconvenient let me just say that.

boobs -- yup still hurt. and. they feel like freakin boulders. (sorry if you didn't want to really know that but you must know there will be talks of things such as this on a pregnancy blog hehe) ps at least im not talking of lady bits and things ;)

swelling... WTF?!?! already???? i am angry at this symptom. haha. but really it's irritating. it's more intermittent that constant. i wake up and my hands and feet  feel like human snausages (yes i meant sNausage). by mid morning to afternoon the swelling goes down. not sure why i'm already retaining water. but it sucks. for reals! i can still wear my wedding ring, BUT there was a day where it was a wee bit uncomfortable.

still not feeling sick (thank goodness). i know i'm not out of the woods yet. but keeping my fingers crossed.

i'm ALWAYS hungry. i can definitely tell when i need to eat. it's like my stomach starts talking to me and anyone near by. pretty well i'm just constantly snacking. and of course trying to keep some healthy options.

PREGNANCY BRAIN!!!! its the worst! i am forgetting WHOLE CONVERSATIONS! who does that??? me that's who. i may as well be in a vegetative state. (i feel like i've said that before?) i mean, if you know me at all you know that i am a little off the wall at times BUT it's getting slightly out of hand now.

EXHAUSTION. i am so incredibly tired and un motivated to do anything! remember what i said about peeing? it's exhausting! just the act of walking to the bathroom and going through the motions. cleaning my kitchen? yea doesn't happen. you should see the mounds of laundry that need to be done. it's either spend my energy on homework or cleaning.. i have to chose homework. hah. i take naps as often as i can. and go to sleep as early as possible. 

as far as clothes? pants don't fit anymore. i did the rubber band trick this week for church. went and bought a belly band today and some more yoga pants. i need more comfort in my life right now. :) 

emotionally i'm a roller coaster. i have days that i feel extra cry-ee. and others that i don't. most of the time i'm a wee bit snippy and sarcastic (but not in a dry funny kinda way) mostly towards J. him thinks it funny to poke fun at the pregnant chick he knocked up. me thinks i'd like to punch him in the nose :)

i am still coming to grips with the fact that i get to be an earthly mom again. it still takes my breath away and makes my heart go pitter patter. i already love Rainbow Sprout so much. i still feel an empty tugless hole.. but somehow the hole doesn't seem quite so deep and treacherous. it seems more bearable. and it comforts me think that our sweet Savanna has already met and molded their baby brother or sister. so they're not strangers. they're already best friends.

that makes me smile lots :)

2 blessings, thoughts. &. feelings:

Marshelle Jones said...

Im so happy for you and justin, and shavanna will be watching and guiding from above, how sweet!!!! can't wait to see the little bean sprout, enjoy all the annoying lil prego moments, they are priceless, I love you bunches!!!!! :-)

rebecca said...

Congratulations, so happy for you & you are so cute!!! I'm just a bit behind you and I completely hear you on the exhaustion front! Hoping everything progresses smoothly for you!