June 26, 2011

Letting Go

There are moments.. certain snippets in our days and in time that we are brought back to a moment. There are pivotal moments that we remember.. 'this was the moment when.' The time when we realized we were in love with our significant other, the moment we realized we were meant to be a parent. My moment I wanted to reflect on was when I realized it was time to let go. To let go of the death of Savanna. I talked about it a bit in my last post but I wanted to expand on it. To let those know who are not yet there that the moment does exist. It is by no means easy and the time in which it takes for someone to get there could take longer or less. There is no time frame, no deadlines when it comes to grief. It is personal and it is your own. And although the experiences of Savanna's death are sadly so similar to so many others.. in no way do I know their pain exactly. I can only know my own personal pain, and from that I am in hopes that I can somehow relate. I don't know how they feel, but I do know how I feel.. and any morsel of pain that I feel is incomprehensible.
So let me take you back. Back to the Thursday after Mother's Day. It was the 12th. As many of you know that day was the 6 month angel-versary of Savanna being gone. Another hard day.. and I was having a rather rough time with Mother's Day just passing by as well. I came home to an empty house. (J was still at work). I got the mail and there was a package in their for me from our Midwife O. She sent me a beautiful card with such heartfelt words. The card had come in a small package. As I read on her last line took my breath away... 
"The world is a brighter, warmer, and more loving place because of you."
"I wanted you to have this scale. It is the first thing to touch Savanna's skin besides your loving arms. it has not been used by another baby since her birth so i thought you might like having it."

My hands began to shake and tears welled in my eyes. As I reached into the small box, my hand grazed across soft terry cloth. I pulled it out and found the scale that was used.

A million things ran through my mind. I clutched that piece of cloth and hugged it to my chest. As I fell to my knees and sobbed in the middle of my kitchen floor.. it's as if the Lord himself with Savanna alongside him came down and laid their hands upon me. In an instant, her birth flashed before my mind. Every small detail, every moment. The pain, the joy, the exhaustion, the excitement, the wonder, the anxiety, the nerves, the pure enjoyment and innocence. And in that instant the flash of her sweet face. The first time I laid my eyes upon her as O pulled her from me and laid her on my chest. That moment washed over me. And as the warmth of the Lord and the love of my daughter completely overtook every fiber of my being, it all made sense in that instant. It was OK to let go of her death. She is OK and she's waiting for me. It was OK to let go of the record on repeat from that day. It didn't mean I was letting go of her or the rest of her memories. I was simply putting her death to rest. I was accepting that yes this is my life. And although I wish I could change it, I wish I could take it back... I can't. But most importantly clutching this soft cloth so close to my heart, knowing this was the first thing her sweet soft skin laid upon (next to me) made me remember that she lived.

I have been trying to get that point across to so many others since her death.. and maybe part of myself hadn't come to terms with it. Trying to convince others was in retrospect myself trying to convince myself. But right then and there that May 12th day, I finally realized it. I finally accepted it. And in that small moment of time I let it go. I accepted that this was her fate all along. Whether or not I like it is not the reason at hand. It is the fact that this is what it has to be. And so it became so painstakingly clear. My life is to not be defined by her death but by her life. her life of 38 weeks in my belly and 7 months and 15 days on this earth. That is what is to help define me and mold me into the Christian, Wife, Mother, Daughter, and Friend I am and am becoming. Her life has helped me to become the person I am. And that my friends is what is most important. Her death was and continues to be a painstaking reality. But I don't have to live my life dwelling on the questions, beating myself up and continuously asking why. I'll get my answers one day, not in this Earthly life... but one day I will.
For now, I will live and love for the life my daughter lived, for the life she breathed into her existence. The existence she breathed into me. That my friends is what it is about. 

Here are a few pictures of Savanna just hours old getting her measurements and getting ready to be weighed.

Savanna Dawn Bogue
March 28, 2010 @ 3:57 PM
7lbs 0oz. 19.5 inches long

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Natalie Ross said...


This really helped me today. I haven't had a melt down in a while but today, I've been a mess. I'm missing my little girl so very much and my heart is aching. I decided to jump on to your blog and I'm so glad I did. <3 You encouraged me and helped me so much. I love what you said about how your life is not defined by her death and how you are going to live like she did, with every precious breath she took and breathed into existence. Wow, that's deep. Thank you, my friend, for sharing such strength in a place of weakness for me. Thank you.

Tiffany said...

Tabatha, This is such an insightful post. These thoughts run through my mind all the time. But for me, they are still just thoughts. They are still just things I try and convince myself of. I hope to get to this point one day, sometimes I think I am, but then other days, or weeks (like this one), I am still mad. I'm so glad that you have come to this place of peace, I hope to join you soon.
Savanna is such a cutie... even as a brand spankin' newborn. She was just beautiful from the very beginning.

Brittney said...

You have such a gift of writing from your heart out to your finger tips! I've had to go back and catch up on your blogs. You are truly amazing!! I just love ya so much! I love how your able to express your thoughts and feelings in such a sweet and gentle way of love. You are so strong, and yet so willing to let Heavenly Father teach you and guide you where he wants you. I love to see those sweet pictures of Savanna. What beautiful moments have been captured to keep your memory of her sharp. Keep doing what your doing, from your words, it's working! I hope you and J are doing well. Love to you my Sweet Friend!

My New Normal said...

I completely agree. My life isn't defined by the fact that my son died. It's part of me, but not all of me.

Thanks for the reminder.

crystal said...

This is the sweetest post ever. Your midwife must have been God-sent. Its amazing that she took the time to send something like this to you so you could keep it. I am praying for you and I know that Savanna, along with the strength and love of God, is helping you make it one more day!!!

Deanna said...

What a wonderful gift!

I also realized that while I miss River terribly, he made me who I am. His short life, and it will not do anyone any good if I waste all of my time questioning what, why and how this could have happened. It did, and it is part of who I am.

Beautiful post, thinking of you!!!