March 2, 2012

Spring for SIDS 2012


Well it's that time of year again. Only 49 days left until National SIDS awareness day. It is Friday April 20th!

What are we doing this year?
 As much as I would LOVE to do t-shirts again this year.. my schedule just will not permit it. Between nursing classes and crazy work schedules plus aspiring photography busienss, I just don't have the resources this year. So... we have decided to do wristbands this year!

For every $5 donation made to our team you will receive a SIDS awareness silicone band. It looks something like this...

 These are the ones we got last year.. they say 'remember Savanna Dawn' I plan to order more, but will also have spring for sids 2012 and team savanna's smiles on them.

You can make your donation by going to our team page Savanna's Smiles directly on the Spring for SIDS website.

Now, that YOU know how you can contribute.. what are we doing??

we are doing a garage sale.. all proceeds will go towards the foundation.
we may be possibly having a dart tourney in Savanna's honor
money jars around town

Now, one last thing.. we have decided to do a CHALLENGE this year! And the challenge is for you!!! Spread the word... we encourage you to help us raise as much money as possible., so create your own mini team under us! maybe you will do a garage sale..recruit people for wristband sales.. maybe you do your own money jars or silent auction? maybe you'll just accept donations at your job.. whatever it is. whatever your idea email me your ideas and your goal. The mini team with the most donations (made to our SFS webpage) will receive a goody basket!!! the specifics are not nailed down but it may include the following..

ladybug blanket (because you know how awesome ladybugs are to us!)
willow tree statue
silicone wristbands
paracord wristband
gift card
and maybe a few other little goodies :)

So get your mini team ideas a brewing and email me your ideas and your goals!!! We have 49 days!!!!

(email me your ideas at t.bogue {at} live {dot} com )

share this link with all your friends!!!!

2 blessings, thoughts. &. feelings:

Jerica said...

Tabby, I tried clicking the link to savannas donation page and it says that the page isnt found.

Belcher0117 said...

Iknow that these bracelets are for a GREAT cause....but I was wondering if you couldnt put another name on it. I lose my son March 13, 2011.