March 12, 2012

A visit

There are certain aspects of my life that I do keep private. When it comes to Savanna though, whether about her life or death, I am very open.

There has been a recent...uhh.. situation? that has transpired in our lives. Another slight bump I guess you could say. I have only shared with a small number of people.. but then (as it always seems to) Savanna became intertwined into that situation and I knew I had to share.

Maybe you are, unfortunately, new to this grief journey and maybe my little experience will give you hope. I don't know, but what I do know is that it is worth sharing. May not seem big to some, but to me it was a moment I will never forget.


On Christmas Day I found a lump on my left breast. I had felt that lump about two weeks prior but thought nothing of it. But then, on CD I felt it again and it felt slightly bigger. Had my husband check, he said it was weird. My mom and dad were in town for the holidays and he urged me to have my mom take a look. (my mom's a nurse.. so naturally that qualifies her to know EVERYTHING haha) she felt it and told me I should have it checked out.

Breast cancer runs in my family so it was a bit of urgency behind it. But on a more positive side, my mom said the lump was 'floating' and that's usually an indicator that its NOT cancer. OF course this DIDN'T ease my mind...

Sooo.. it took me about another month to make an appointment.. call it denial, shock, or lack of attention span.. I'm not sure. But it took me awhile. All the while thinking... are you serious??? Could things seriously get any better.. So I threw myself a pity party for a couple weeks.. so sue me! :)

Finally I called the doc.. thinking OK it will be a couple weeks.. wrongo! They scheduled me an appointment that same afternoon. That kind of freaked me out. So I went in, doc examined, doc said most likely a cyst. It's free floating.. MOST of the time NOT cancer. So I said good. He scheduled an ultrasound.

Next week I went for an ultrasound, she took pics, gave us a disk and sent us on our way.

Now as curious and google search savvy j and I are, we of course pulled up a picture of my lump and compared it to other US pics of lumps. (great bonding time i tell ya ha) Well we were able to determine, in our VERY professional opinion, it was not a cyst, nor did it look like a malignant tumor... it looked to us like a fibroidadenoma.. a benign (non-cancerous) tumor. Not dangerous but does grow.. so with our google self diagnosis, i was able to put myself at ease.. for the time being.

Fast forward a couple weeks.. I go to see the specialist. Dr M is one of the top breast docs in our area, so naturally i went to him. Nurse took the scans. Doc came in. Doc felt lump. Doc said... it's a fibroidadenoma. (who knew google COULD be smart sometimes) I would have to have surgery to remove it... although not dangerous will just grow and grow.. so it's kinda like a third boob ha! Surgery got scheduled for March 12.

Fast forward to March 12.. that's today by the way. :)

Went into surgery this morning.. about 630. Last thing I remembered was them asking me to switch from  the regular bed to the operating table. And then here is where warmness filled my inner being.

In a blink of an eye I was waking up.. (how GREAT is general anesthesia!) I caught a glimpse of hubs and bro standing to my left but before I could fully focus and before I could completely come out of my medically induced sleep. Savanna's face filled my mind and I heard her name whispered in my ear.

At that moment I had the overwhelming feeling that she was with me.. maybe she even visited me in my anesthetic state.. although I don't remember.. I know, just KNOW she was there. Call me crazy, call me delusional, hell call me drugged! But I know what I know.. and I know she was there.. carrying me through this.. because although I acted as if I didn't care, although I acted as if this was no big deal.. I was scared as hell and nervous as all get out.. and of course she knew that... the whole way to the hospital and in pre-op I prayed for comfort, calm and peace. And when I woke and saw the image of my sweet girl and her name in my ear... I knew he had answered my prayers.


On another note... I am now on twitter :) @mrsbogue


PS.. the tumor was sent off to pathology and they should have results within a week. I will update you guys once we here something. But so far.. we have a positive outlook. I am recovering well.. just in some pain.. and a little tired from the anesthesia. But other then that.. everything went well... I just hope I don't have a gnarly scar on my boob!!! :)

9 blessings, thoughts. &. feelings:

Brittney said...

I love you my sweet friend. I just cant believe how much you and j have been through! No doubt we ALL have our strugggles,but you always amaze me. You are always inspiring, and look on the glass half filled. I pray for your speedy recovery and that you wont have anymore problems. If I can semd you anything, let me know! Your in my thoughts and prayers!

Allison said...

Glad you are okay, and glad you were so encouraged and at peace. God bless.

Tiffany said...

Omg how scary. I'm so glad you went and got it check though. And I'm praying that it is indeed what the doc says it is. I teared up reading about Savanna being with you. That brings me comfort to think and hear from another BLM that our babies are always with us. Praying for you & thinking about Savanna

Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry that you are going through this. How scary! I'm so glad that Savanna could be with you today. What a wonderful visit.

Thinking of you and praying that the pathology reports comes back OK.


PaulandRachelTeahan said...

I truly believe your sweet Savanna was there with you and when you heard her name and saw her face she was just letting you know,its over, everything is going to be okay , she loves you and she will be watching over you until one day when you are together again. GOD BLESS YOU!

NewYearMum said...

Oh Tabatha... sorry to hear that you've been through all this and hopefully it will be all clear.... how wonderful for Savanna to be with you. A truly magical moment. Love to you as your recover xoxo

Natasha said...

I'm so glad you went in to get it checked and that everything went well with the surgery. I'll be praying that everything comes back normal and that you have a quick recovery.

How amazing that Savanna was there with you. It's so nice to be reminded that they are always with us ♥

Mary said...

Lots of hugs to you momma! I'm so glad you went and go it checked. I know so many YOUNG women who are fighting breast's just plain scary.

Savanna will always be with you and I'm glad she chose this particular time to visit. She knows when you need her the most and she will always let you know when she is near.

Sending you lots of healing strength! Take it easy for the next few weeks...I think you deserve it.

rebecca said...

How terribly sorry you've been dealing with such an awful situation. So glad you went forward in getting it checked out though! Hoping you'll soon have reassurance that everything is okay!