January 21, 2013

A Week in Review

I've survived the week. at least i think i did. it was the first week back to school, first week trying to find a new routine... it was a total epic fail but it definitely drained the life and energy right out from under me.

I managed to keep the house somewhat clean.. we've I've started to use a 'family planner/organizer' type of thing to help me keep track of all the millions of things that need to be tended to around the house. it's a work in progress but it seems to be working. i got the idea from (you guessed it) pinterest. Gah, i don't know where my life was before pinterest.

Quite frequently i think how handy it would have been with little S still running around. her third birthday is coming and i catch myself looking at all of the different party ideas. such fun that would be. to plan a birthday party.

hopefully soon, i'll get to do that. hopefully soon...

but moving forward..

looking back on this week i don't have much to really say. school is defnintely going to be a doozy for sure. i can understand now why they only make you take 1 class this semester.. it ='s the 6 i took last semester! but.. i know there will be new experiences and great things to see and learn. i'm excited. i'm a semester closer to achieving some form of success in my life.

i have finally taken pictures of the furniture we are trying to sell in the guest room. that money will be used to purchase the paint and the beadboard/wainscoating for savanna's room. after making the step of just deciding to break down her room was a major step for both of us. now actually getting the gumption to go through with it seems a whole other task on its own.

thanks to a great MIL, she had a FABULOUS idea that she so willingily shared with us on her last escapade to our lovely abode. Rather then breaking down the crib and allowing it to take up attic space, or using the dresser and changing table as a 'space saver' in the garage, why not re-use it? but not for future baby b. (which was the original plan, but the more i thought about it the more i knew i didn't want to do that) the crib is one of those 5-in-1 type of deals. since we have a guest room that we use well never (unless family is visiting) we're going to convert her crib into the full size and move it into that room as well as the dresser. and the changing table i will convert into a nightstand.

i was overjoyed and ecstatic at the mere idea that i wouldn't have to allow Savanna's furniture to gather dust and mites up in the attic. her memory and things could continue to be preserved and in a very pragmatic sort of way. i'll take pictures and of course will take you all along for the ride. i now just need an ingenius plan for all of her clothing. i thought about making a blanket with all the very special items (we already have a quilt that we had framed) BUT how do chose 'special' items... they're ALL special.. so i'll just tackle that another day.

for now, i'm just thrilled to have a way to keep her furniture intact and working condition yet at the same time i'm able to lick the salted wounds of breaking down her room. maybe it will somehow be easier? maybe not. won't know until i tackle it head first.

well, that's all i got for now. here's some photots i've taken throughout the week... enjoy :)

We've started the Paleo diet (going on 4 weeks strong!) Here's a peek at some yumminess we've devoured! :)

And here's just a few looks at what I did this week... the top pic is of some brownies we made (from pinterest) I'll post the recipe and what i did differently if you'd like :)

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