January 31, 2013

Pround Moment

As lots of you know, i started doing photography on the side about a year ago. i had no idea what it would turn into. it has blossomed into something beautiful and inspiring and has allowed me a sense of escape and closeness to Savanna.

And now, it is starting to reach new heights. clientele is beginning to pick up and i'll be photographing not 1 but 2 weddings in March!! I am so incredibly excited and can't wait to to see how far this journey takes me!

as my business has begun to grow i felt i needed something to expand on  my business. i guess really a way that people would take me seriously. to some i may seem like a girl who got a really nice camera for christmas from her her really awesome husband and just started taking pictures. well.. that is how it started i guess. but after that first newborn session i did as a favor to J's cousin.. something happened within me.

something emerged and sprouted from the base of my being. i felt like i was closest to me as i had been in a long time. i was experiencing and traveling that creative highway i have always been so hungry for. and at the same time i was creating special moments and memories for family's of their loved ones to cherish for always.

and so, while i started out as that girl who just picked up the camera.. i've grown. or at least started to. i started doing tons of research. i've sought out online workshops, read books, participated in online forums and groups. i started to expand my knowledge.

i knew this was something that i wanted to continue doing for always. and so i began to invest time and money into this escapade.. this journey of hope and happiness.

with that, i needed people to start taking me seriously. i still do. it's been a little challenging making the transition from part time picture taker to photogorapher and business owner.

i'm still learning. continuously learning. i crave the need to get better, to be better.

so i've slowly started to take steps. i'm turning my craft room catch all hole into my office. (slowly but surely) i'm getting organized and getting a file system put into place.

it finally donned on me that i had to take my business seriously as a business and than others would start to do the same. it's an onging work in progress but i am so excited and thrilled that i tripped over this opportunity that was thrown in my path.

another step i took was i invested into my very own website! it was a defining moment for myself. some may think it's silly or trivial. but to me it made the moment concrete. getting that website made the legacy i'm trying to leave in honor of Savanna real.


take a peek into my world of photography and freeze framing moments :)

3 blessings, thoughts. &. feelings:

Mely said...

Congrats Tabatha! You have an awesome website and do beautiful work.

TanaLee Davis said...

I'm happy for you. Nice job on the website. Hope you see you business grow well beyond your dreams. hugs mama-

Tarsh said...

awesome news, something so positive and uplifting to focus on xx