August 7, 2013

Organized Life

i have never been a super 'tidy' person.

i think a lot because my dear sweet mom is slightly OCD :) (love ya mom!)

and so i just ended up rebelling.

for the longest time tidyness was of the LEAST importance to me.. then i got married.. and it still hung low on the totem pole of importance and priority. but then.. we had a baby.. and well

i still didn't care..

especially with a little one, no matter how hard we tried there was a constant inability to keep things together and keep things organized.

after we purchased our first home together after moving to texas, i was finally really ready to 'figure' out my style.

my design asthetic so to speak.

but then, courses changed.. and Savanna died after only living in our first purchased home for 4 months. so well it became the back burner.

but then.. about 1 year ago, i finally got back the urge and the desire to make our house a home. so corny i know. sure we had pictures here and there. photo albums stacked there, wedding paraphanelia sitting atop the bookshelf etc..

well needless to say, my rebellious days of being a non-cleaning, unorganized rebel ceased to exist.

i craved organization and cleanliness. order and proper places for things became such a craving. i'm still learning. and pinterest has most definitely made that transition exceptionally easier.. although i consider myself 'crafty' and 'creative' i still need a boost of inspiration every here and again.

so basically what i'm saying is that i finally started to hang pictures and artwork. i've scoured the internet and walked up and down the aisles of home goods stores and i am slowly beginning to realize what i like and don't like.

i have finally started to 'move in' to our home. it's no longer just a shell of walls windows and doors.

there is still MUCH room for improvement. but as i move along and figure it all out i'll share the steps along the way :)


here is a life planner by erin condren i just purchased!

i am so stinkin stoked to get this!!!

it will help me to organize blog posts (because i plan to become much more present in this space once again)

organized school, work and life.

here's a little video about it.. it's amazing. you should get one ;)

i'll share a review with y'all as soon as it comes in


here are some things you can expect to come as the blog gets its makeover!

- i haven't quite yet chosen a new name/design for the blog but it is my top priority! :) you're feedback has been amazing and i think i've narrowed it down to 3 now!! keem em' comin :)
- our infertility journey
      - pretty much my 'real life' friends are well aware of this journey.. i have finally reached a point that i feel ready to share it with the rest of you :)
- reviews! anything and everything!
- tutorials
- pinspiration: curious about something you've pinned? want to know if it works.. i'll try it out for ya and give a full disclaimer ;)
- diy projects (Savanna Nursery tour coming soon)
- organization
- recipes and meal plans
- fun fun fun!

- of course there will always be sprinkles of Savanna glistening throughout our daily stampings. she's our reason after all :)

last but not least... i'll still continue to blog just about life in general.. mostly i want you to know there's no limitations to this blog. some are diy'ers some are reviewers some are sewing just call me a lifestyle.

i'm so excited for the improvements to come!

and thanks for jumpin on and riding along :)

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Mary Thompson said...

I LOVE my Erin Condren planner!!!! I got it a few weeks ago. Can't wait to see how you like it. Looking forward to reading more. Glad to see you're back!