August 6, 2013

New Blog Name -- NEED YOUR HELP!!!

i'm calling on you to help me out!

i've never been a decisive person. just ask J he'll tell you.

trying to pick a place to eat.. WWII

trying to find something to wear = half my closet on the bedroom floor

it's true i'm sucky at making decision. (but i certainly am well aware of what i DONT want!)

so i've been racking my brain trying to find that perfect new title for the blog. something that just smooshes everything into one. but i can't decide.

i'm not quite sure if i've found 'the one' yet.. so i need your help!

i'll list the ones i have come up with, you tell me if you like one of those. OR if you think of something better :)

while i love and always will love Savanna's Wings.. i feel it's time to retire it an bring forward the evolved creations of our life from todays. thanks in advance for being awesome!

Titles so far:

Life with the Bogues (so simple i know)
Just Breathe
Our Thereafter
Silver Linings
So This Is Love

Ok folks, that's all i've got so far.. help a sister out! :)

5 blessings, thoughts. &. feelings:

Mary Thompson said...

I like our thereafter. What about Our Not Always Happily Everafter?

Jerica Rook said...

I like Life with the Bogues and Our Thereafter. :)

An idea: Bogues Blessings?

Sara said...

I love Silver Linings. Great Idea!

Karen said...

I think all your names are good. I like Silver Linings. Or, just a thought, what about Joy in the Journey? It kind of combines all your headings at the top.

Stacy said...

A little life of Joy?