March 14, 2011

My blog-over! and an update :)

Wellll... I'm sure you can see.. My blog got a blog-over!! The ever so talented and wonderful Franchesca over at Small Bird Studios created this beautiful space! I contacted her a few weeks ago. I had been seeing all these beautiful blogs designs she had been doing.. and as I had been struggling trying to make this space, MY space I knew she was the one to go to! Not only did I want it to represent me, but also Savanna. After all.. she is my reason! And what I saw took my breath away! It emits me and my Savanna.. and I am so grateful! Thank you Franchesca!!

I also got a new button!! So if you have my old one.. throw that out and grab the new one! I think it's much better.. it shows of my Savanna's beautiful face :))
In other news.. I wanted to give an update on our Spring for SIDS campaign!! So far, Savanna's Smiles has received $100 in donations to date!! I am so excited as we still have a month and a half left!! If you would like to support our cause and give in honor of Savanna just click on that donate button right over there ------> to the right.

Minimum $5 donation and we will send you a donation card with information on the organization and ways to reduce the chances of SIDS as well as a sticker to wear on April 29th to show your support in the awareness of SIDS. Once your donation is received, the card will be sent. :)

If you would like a t-shirt to wear to show your support, you can make a minimum donation of $20 for adult or $15 for youth. A few have asked if we have onesies... although I would love to offer this, we aren't able to offer that this year. But we definitely will look into it for future fundraisers! :) (to see the tshirt, click here) We will take orders for t-shirts until April 1st. At that time we will close the orders on shirts so that we can order them and allow for enough time to get them to us and out to you before April 29th!

(If you do not have a paypal account or a credit card, you can mail me a donation. Shoot me an email or message on facebook and I'll provide you with the info!)

Donation will always be accepted!
There is also a group in AZ that is helping us in our mission to spread SIDS awareness in honor of Savanna. The Dysart High School Spiritline in El Mirage, AZ have also started a team 'Savanna's Angels' We are so honored and excited for all of the things they are doing in honor of our little Angel. (this was the school I graduated from and also coached at for 5 years!) They too will be taking orders for t-shirts! Our goal is to get as many people out there to be wearing a t-shirt or a ribbon/sticker! I can't wait to see all the pictures!! I am so blessed and humbled to be blessed to know so many kind hearted people. Thank you!!!!

Thank you to those who have donated thus far.. we are that much closer to $500!!!

7 blessings, thoughts. &. feelings:

Natasha said...

Love love love the ladybugs and her cute cute button!! Such a beautiful little girl!!! I'm updating my blog now with the new button!!


Tiffany said...

Love the new look! Franchesca is amazing!

Mary said...

Love the new look! Fran did a great job!

New Year Mum said...

Fantastic... your blog looks amazing and such a lovely tribute to Savanna :) Great to hear about your fundraising and spreading awareness... you're doing such wonderful things in her name xoxo

Brittney said...

I love your new blog!!! It fits you and Savanna in such a perfect way!! Yeah!! Congrats on all the donations so far! That's just wonderful and exciting news!! I just can't wait to hear what the end out come will be!!

Raquel said...

Love the new look!!

Franchesca said...

It was such a pleasure working with you :) Your Savanna is just beautiful <3